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We have a lot of experience in the following activities:

  • Sandblasting with sand
  • Hydroblasting (sandblasting)
  • High pressure cleaning up to 500 bar
  • Degreasing with professional chemicals
  • Mechanical and manual surface cleaning
  • Painting with a pump
  • Manual painting
  • Repair, maintenance, renovation of old paint coatings on constructions
  • Cleaning and removing sludge, gasoline, mud, dirty water
  • Corrosion protection consultancy

We offer surface preparation for further paint application within the purity standards:

  • St2; St3 (manual cleaning with mechanical tools)
  • Sa1; Sa2; Sa2,5; Sa3 (sandblasting)

We use the technology of laying paint coatings:

  • Hydrodynamic airless spray
  • Use hand tools wherever it is needed by working conditions.